SmartMetric Inc. (OTCQB:SMME)

SmartMetric Inc. is a publicly traded company (OTCQB:SMME) with its head office in Las Vegas. Based in the US, it’s manufacturing is in the Far East and Israel while research, development and engineering is done in Buenos Aires – Argentina, Palo Alto – United States and Tel-Aviv – Israel. Hardware and software engineering is done internally thus providing SMME with the capability of delivering enterprise-class products in a timely basis. SmartMetric’s silicon manufacturing processes employ the latest techniques in miniature-sized memory and processor components production, allowing the company to provide a fully functional sub-micro computer on a micro thin circuit board embedded inside a credit card and identity card for instant fingerprint recognition.

SMME is pleased to report that it is nearing completion of the integration of the Advantis chip and operating system into the SmartMetric biometric card platform. This will allow over 100 credit card issuing banks worldwide that are currently issuing credit cards with the Advantis chip and operating system to seamlessly offer the new ADVANTIS biometric card manufactured by SMME.

SMME will be presenting its new biometric fingerprint activated credit card with the inbuilt ADVANTIS EMV Chip and banking operating system at the Secure Payments and ID Conference being held in Madrid, Spain.

SMME’s instant biometric validation and card activation means that the SmartMetric technology provides seamless use by the card customer. By the time they reach across to insert the card in a reader or ATM the card has been biometrically authenticated and activated.

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